The reading hall works in two shifts (besides Sundays and Mondays) from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.


According to the established order the Matenadaran’s reading hall carries out services like manuscripts, archives, printed literature for Matenadaran’s staff and outside readers (experts in different fields, graduate students, students and others). The hall housed with thematic series the most popular books of Armenian and foreign languages (over 8,000 pieces), as well as the basic periodicals of Armenian Studies, albums, maps and more.
The reading hall was opened in two halls on the third floor of the Matenadaran from the very beginning of exploitation of building construction in 1959. The first hall was later named after academician Levon Khachikyan, where was carried out the service of manuscripts, documents and vocational literature, while in the second hall was carried out the service of old printed books, press and printed literature.
In September, 2011 two reading halls joined when Matenadaran’s scientific staff moved to a new building. The new reading hall is now able to provide services simultaneously over 130 readers. The manuscripts and documents are rendered in digital form, which readers are using through the computers located in the hall.
The reading hall has eight employees who carry out maintenance and monitoring.

Head of the Reading Hall: Janeta Matevosyan
Tel:+374 10 513056 Extension 2-08