The Department of Publication of Matenadaran was established in 2019. Although the studies of the researchers of the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, various books, manuscripts, manuscript catalogues, albums, and the journal “Bulletin of Matenadaran” were prepared for publication in Matenadaran, there was no separate Department of Publication.

The purpose of the new department is to continue and expand the publishing activity of Matenadaran, to prepare (type, edit, proofread, and typeset), along with medieval, medieval Armenian and art studies, texts and manuscript catalogues, also books in new formats aimed at the publicity of the rich manuscript heritage and rare archival materials kept in Matenadaran.

We have also planned publication of books, albums, and other materials presenting the exhibition halls and exhibits of Matenadaran as well as covering the museum activities. See the list of books prepared for publication in 2019–2023.

Head of the Publishing House: Hayk Hambardzumyan
Ph.D. in Philology
[email protected]
Phone: +374 (010) 51-30-33, extension: 1-23