The Group of Biochemical Research of Manuscripts at Matenadaran is responsible for disinfecting, treating, and scientifically preserving old manuscripts. They are carrying out their work in different areas, including the study of medieval inks and pigments, microbiological studies, and the discovery of antifungal and antimicrobial substances. 

  1. In the area of studying medieval inks, they aim to identify these inks and find ways to combat acid corrosion and neutralize Armenian inks.
  1. The study of pigments in manuscript miniatures focuses on identifying paints and applying fixing agents to damaged miniatures. 
  1. Microbiological studies involve the discovery of fungi and bacteria in manuscripts and documents. 
  1. The group also looks for antifungal and antimicrobial substances in medieval manuscripts-medical books, where they develop and use the properties of these substances to stop the growth of various fungi and microbes. 

The group also monitors the state of fungal damage in the exhibition halls, library, and other areas of Matenadaran and organizes antifungal measures.

Head of the Group of Biochemical Research of Manuscripts: Gayane Eliazyan
Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences
Phone: +374 10 511700, extension: 1-30