A new department called the Development Group was established in Matenadaran on October 28, 2023. This department is responsible for developing and maintaining the structure’s activities. The overall strategy includes the following:

– Presentation, management, and accountability of projects.
– Establishing external relations through organizing grant programs and donations and attracting new donors and benefactors.
– Collaborating with the Armenian studies centers and chairs.
– Gathering and monitoring information about Armenian written heritage.
– Organizing marketing and promotional events.

The benefits of having this department include organizational advantages, close cooperation, and professional orientation, which will ensure the expected indicators in the scientific-technical and scientific-educational, scientific demonstration, educational-cultural, cultural, and entrepreneurial departments. All of the work under these directions will be concentrated in this department.

Head of the Group: Tatevik Muradyan
Phone: +37410 513008, Internal: 1-11