The primary purpose of the department

1. Textual and codicological study of the Armenian medieval musical neumated manuscripts of Matenadaran, publication of albums and studies.

2. Musicological study and publication of liturgical chants of the Newest Collection of Matenadaran (recorded in the 19th-20th centuries in the “Limonjian system” of notation). Research and publication of music-related materials from the Matenadaran’s archival collection.

3. The study of musical traditions and preserved musical manuscripts of other Armenian manuscripts and monastic-musical centres (Zmmar, Venice, Vienna, Jerusalem).

The core of the study of this heritage should be the medieval Armenian neumatic notation and the ramifications of the surviving oral tradition, aesthetics and symbolism of medieval liturgical music, the liturgical symbolism of the texts, the comparative musicological and philological examination (genre, musical, textual connections between the Armenian-Syrian, Armenian-Byzantine and other cultures).

Head of the department: Arusyak Tamrazyan
Ph.D. in Arts
Phone: +374 10 513028, extension: 1-51