The Matenadaran, Mesrop Mashtots Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Foundation started the digitization of manuscript collections in 2007 and is currently actively working in that direction.
Matenadaran has gained considerable experience in the field of digitization of ancient manuscripts, also in terms of technologies used in that process. The digitization of manuscripts is the imperative of our time, because materially based cultural values are sooner or later worn out, while the new technologies allow the digital images of those values to be preserved and passed on to future generations.
The databases of manuscripts and archival documents are located in the Matenadaran server system. Digitized manuscripts and archival documents are serviced by computers installed in the Matenadaran reading room. The main functions of the digitization department are:

  1. To digitize medieval manuscripts, archival documents, as well as Armenological literature and press collections kept in the Matenadaran library.
  2. To digitize photographic films of manuscripts of foreign archives kept in Matenadaran.
  3. To digitize the palimpsests kept in Matenadaran and to get possible readable versions of the images by special image processing.
  4. To index and place digital images of manuscripts and documents in digital databases.
  5. To develop appropriate software for coordinating digitized information.
  6. To create thematic databases according to the branches of medieval studies.
  7. To serve researchers according to the price list and submitted applications under the criteria approved by the directorate.
  8. To ensure the smooth operation of Matenadaran’s internal network, network equipment and server system
  9. To repair personal computers and ensure the uninterrupted operation of other equipment according to written applications of employees.
  10. To provide technical support for events held at Matenadaran.

Department coordinator: Gurgen Gasparyan
Phone: +374 10 513029, Internal: 1-97