The Restoration Department of Matenadaran carries out the following functions for restoration of manuscripts, parchments, fragments, and old printed books:

-Microbiological and entomological services, determination and neutralization of ink acidity.
-Restoration and preservation of all types of leather covers.
-Softening parchments, preservation and restoration of deformities and other damages.
-Conserving of manuscripts, old printed books and documents, repairing torn edges, and restoring of missing parts of the works.

The most important job is the preparation for preservation and restoration of badly damaged manuscripts, which includes the following phases:
-Classification of manuscripts and documents according to physical condition, namely, the degree of damage (fungal disease, bacterial infection, moth-eaten, etc).
-Biological survey of fungus and its spores, and also revelation of bacterial infection and designing the appropriate disinfection of manuscripts and treatment paths in order to combat their growth.
-Dust removal and various spots (such as candle, wax, oil, and unknown character spots).
-Examining the condition of miniatures and, if necessary, fixing fading inks and miniature paints.
-Determination of ink acidity and, if necessary, ink neutralization.
-Treatment and disinfection of manuscript covers.

After the above steps are taken, the specialists restore the manuscripts but maintain their historical form. The manuscript is opened only when it has no traces of its original form and the degree of its damage is considered to be too high and the future existence of the manuscript is dangerous.
Skilled specialists repair torn edges and complete the missing parts by using special Japanese papers and natural glues. The parchments are restored after humidification and smoothing cycles by using glues of parchment or fish, and straightening parchment or Japanese papers.
The printed literature and press are restored by the help of paper machine by using special paper and methylcellulose.

Workdays are from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.
The department is located on the second floor of the scientific research building of the Matenadaran.
Tel: +374 (10) 51 00 17