The goals of the foundation are:
1) To support the expansion of Matenadaran research, economic and other activities
2) To contribute to the development of Armenology, preservation and acquisition of manuscripts
3) To implement programs aimed at the development of science, education, culture and new technologies, to preserve spiritual and cultural values and make them available to the public, to develop and implement programs and initiatives that promote the development of these fields.
4) To support the implementation of Matenadaran educational programs
5) To support the introduction of the latest technologies in Armenology at the Matenadaran
6) To support the preservation of the Matenadaran as a national value
7) To provide social, cultural, educational and research support to the Matenadaran staff.
Foundation activities:
The Foundation carries out the following types of activities:
1) Development and investment of the Matenadaran research programs
2) Development and investment of the Matenadaran development programs
3) Development and investment of programs for preservation of research-cultural-archival materials stored in  the Matenadaran
4) Organizing the scientific and research works carried out by Matenadaran
5) Organizing and (or) implementing public awareness of research, cultural, archival materials stored in the Matenadan activities
6) Organizing scientific and scientific-cultural meetings, public hearings of conferences, exhibitions
7) Organizing scientific cooperation (including international) within the framework of the Matenadaran statutory issues.

The foundation’s board of trustees is the highest governing body of the foundation’s management. The board has 5 members.

Chairman of the Board:
Arayik Khzmalyan

Members of the Board:
Father Asoghik Karapetyan
Gurgen Gasparyan
Davit Ghazaryan
Gohar Muradyan 

Executive Director:
David Danielyan