ISSN 1829-054X

Editorial Board: Vahan Ter-Ghevondian (editor in-chief), Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan, Gohar Muradyan (executive secretary), Karen Matevosyan, Vahe Torosyan, Theo van Lint, Armen Mutafian, Artashes Shahnazaryan, Gurgen Gasparyan, Olga Vardazaryan, Arusiak Tamrazian, Hayk Hambardzumyan


The Bulletin of Matenadaran, a periodical for medieval, Armenian and manuscript studies, has been published since the foundation of Matenadaran. The first two issues of the journal were published in 1941 and 1950 and were entitled A Collection of Research Materials. They contain the proceedings of previous conferences held at Matenadaran.
Starting from the third issue published in 1956, the journal bears its current title and contains studies related to various spheres of medieval culture, publications of old texts etc.

Each issue of the Bulletin of Matenadaran includes several sections dependent on the contents of the articles. They are mainly the following:

1. History and Source Study
2. Philology
3. Art
4. Medieval Science
5. Manuscript Legacy
6. Publications
7. Proceedings of Conferences
8. Book Reviews

Important studies, translations of medieval works, information on rare manuscripts, catalogues and guides for various fields of science and art, as well as exclusive archival documents have appeared in the Bulletin of Matenadaran.

Requirements for the design of articles in the Bulletin of Matenadaran.