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Digital versions of the Bulletin of Matenadaran.

The “Banber Matenadarani” (Herald of the Matenadaran) scientific periodical, with its Medieval Studies, Armenian Studies, and Manuscript Studies, has been published since the foundation of Matenadaran. The periodical’s first two issues were published in 1941 and 1950, and were entitled “Gitakan Nyuteri Joghovatsu”. The complete collection of the reports of scientific conferences at Matenadaran leading up to that point was documented in these periodicals.
In 1956, starting from the third published issue, the periodical received its name “Banber” by meaning herald. The periodical includes research fellows, Armenian and foreign experts’ various researches and different originals regarding all spheres of medieval culture.
The scientific periodical “Banber Matenadarani” is formed from several basic parts:

• Articles
• Originals
• Translations
• Bibliography
• Criticism
• Reviews
• Conference materials

In different years in the scientific periodical “Banber Matenadarani” are published many researches by Armenian and foreign armenologists of Medieval Studies and Manuscript Studies as L. Khachikyan; S. Arevshatyan; H. Bartikyan; N. Tahmizyan, T. Izmaylova; I. Abuladze; G. Abgaryan; B. Chugaszyan; A. Matevosyan; P. Muradyan; A. Mnatsakanyan; H. Tamrazyan, etc.
In the “Banber Matenadarani” have been published translated articles of medieval important works, information about exclusive manuscripts, and also catalogues, guide-books and archival exclusive documents of various spheres of art and science.