Benefactor Avo Hovhannisyan from New Julfa, who has enriched the Armenian spiritual treasury with a collection, which includes dozens of manuscripts and numerous documents, ancient and new literary samples, on December 9, donated to Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran more than thousand manuscript and archival valuable materials.
  The Acting Director of the Matenadaran Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan handed the Matenadaran Medal and Certificate of the Medal to the friend of Matenadaran Avo Hovhannisyan.
  His donations have also enriched the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenian History Museum, National and Khnko Aper Libraries, “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund, Charents Museum of Literature and Art, and others.
  Speaking about his 46-year-old career, he firstly mentions the name of Matenadaran because his relationship with the motherland deepened from the powerful spiritual impetus from the Matenadaran, especially from the grateful letter from the former director of Matenadaran Levon Khachikyan, whose deep-rooted thoughts accompanied him throughout his life.