“The Artsakh-Utik School of the Armenian Book Cover” book was published by the Head of the Archive Department of M. Mashtots Matenadaran, PhD in Historical Sciences Armen Malkhasyan. The book was published with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh. In the book is presented the Artsakh-Utik School of the Armenian Book Cover based on the collection of manuscripts of Yerevan’s Matenadaran, and are leather samples of book covers created in the middle of the second half of the 18th century.
  The book is intended for the historians, experts of manuscripts, experts of inscription, art critics and public readers.  The presentation of the book will be held in the Republic of Artsakh, at the subsidiary of Mashtots Matenadaran (the schedule of the presentation will be announced later).
 The book was published in “Antares”.