The number of benefactors of the “Mashtots” Armenian Culture Protection and Development Foundation of Matenadaran has been replenished.
  On March 10, 2018, a contract was signed between Mashtots Foundation’s Executive Director Vardi Keshishian and Honorary Professor of Arizona University Ara Philipossian, according to which Ara Philipossian made a donation to Mashtots Foundation, was created a new fund in memory of his parents Vigen and Ella Philipossians.
  The Fund intends to support Matenadaran’s educational and scientific programs.
Ara Philipossian is a chemist-engineer by profession. He graduated from Tufts University, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, and in 1992 received a doctor’s degree. In 2004 he is also the Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer at “Araca Incorporated” company.
  Dr. Philipossian is the author of numerous scientific articles (110 articles in different journals and 165 articles in the collections of reports).
  Director of Matenadaran Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan handed the donator Ara Philipossian the “Matenadaran” Medal and Certificate of the Medal.