Armenian Online Manuscripts in Other Collections of the World

The Index of Armenian Manuscripts is an online bibliographic list of Armenian manuscripts available online in different digital libraries worldwide. The items are listed alphabetically according to their location. The principal data on the manuscripts (shelf label, material, time, number of folios, volume, and content) are taken from the relevant manuscript catalogues. By clicking on the See manuscript hyperlink, you can see the digital version of the corresponding manuscript. To access some databases, you need to create a personal account. In particular, this is necessary for the manuscripts collected on the digital platform of the Hill Museum & Manuscripts Library (HMML).

The initial version of the Index of Armenian Manuscripts was compiled by Anush Sargsyan, a researcher at the Department of the Study of Art History and Scriptoria of Matenadaran. It first appeared on Matenadaran’s internal online platform, then, in 2018, was posted on the Calfa blog with a new addition by Chahan Vidal-Gorène. In the same year, it was published in the AIEA annual newsletter with some additions by Emmanuel Van Elverdinghe. Anush Sargsyan continued to expand the list, and in 2022 Chahan Vidal-Gorène founded and designed a separate page called Index of Armenian Manuscripts (abbreviated as IArM). Currently, the list includes 1356 manuscripts from 37 digital libraries of the world. The list is regularly updated with new manuscripts. You can also participate in this work by sharing the information you know.

For updates, please contact Chahan Vidal-Gorène ([email protected]) and Anoush Sargsyan ([email protected]).

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