Awarding ceremony to donor Manuela Salvini de Ghirach Mirman and exhibition of a valuable collection related to history of the noble Mirmanyan family was held on 29 April, 2017 at Mashtots Matenadaran.
  During the ceremony, speeches were delivered by the Head of the Department of International Relations of the Matenadaran Vardi Keshishian, the senior fellow Nazeni Gharibyan, and the Acting Director of Matenadaran Vahan Ter-Ghevondian.
  Vardi Keshishian presented the history of the Ghirach Mirman family and expressed gratitude to Manuela Salvini de Ghirach Mirman.
A descendant of Mirmanyan family from New Julfa, Manuela Salvini de Ghirach Mirman arrived from Livorno, Italy especially for this occasion and generously donated to Matenadaran Ghirach Mirman dynasty’s parchment manuscript of 1724 along with the family’s genealogical tree, which dates back to 1364 AD, from grandfather by name of Alaverdi Mirman from Old Julfa, and ends in 1783, by a family member Gregorio.The collection consists of an ivory inlaid double binder of a manuscript and historical documents, including the family coat of arms (1751), the proclamation of Suleiman I of Persia in 1675, the certificate of title of nobility by the Archbishop of Pisa to Gregorio de Aruto Mirman in 1769 (born in 1699, New Julfa), pictures of family members, etc.
  Since the founding of New Julfa, the Mirmanyans were rich merchants and lineal noblemen.The founder of the Italian branch of the family is Ghirach’s son Gregorio Mirman born in New Julfa in 1612, who was engaged in trade of precious stones and silk.During the following centuries the scions of Ghirach Mirman family expanded extensive commercial activities in several Italian cities and European centers.
  Ghirach Mirman family is also known for its great charities. In 1688 St. Cross Church of Venice was  completely rebuilt and expanded by Mirman Ghirach, where the remains of some of the family members are resting.
  By the wish of Manuela Salvini de Ghirach Mirman, the last scion of the family, the collection was transferred to the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran, for proper exhibition and further studies.During the ceremony Nazeni Gharibyan briefly presented the history of the Armenian community in Italy and particularly in Livorno.
  Vahan Ter-Ghevondian spoke about the historical and cultural value of the donation of Ghirach Mirman family. Those family relics delivered to Matenadaran make them ‘the asset not only of Armenia, but also of  the whole world. Their study will provide substantial material for research ofthe Armenian history and particularly of the history of medieval Armenian colonies,’ mentioned V. Ter-Ghevondian.
As a sign of gratitude,the Acting Director of Matenadaran VahanTer-Ghevondian awarded Manuela Salvini de Ghirach Mirman the Matenadaran Medal and the Certificate of the Medal.
  At the end of the ceremony Manuela Salvini de Ghirach Mirman acknowledged that it was not an easy decision to donate to Matenadaran the dynasty’s history relics of hundreds of years. ‘But the idea that I can leave this manuscript here in Armenia, comforts me, as I am sure that in this setting it will be appraised highly,’ she said.
  For transportation and exhibition of the collection in Matenadaran,the speakers thanked the Armenia’s Foreign Ministry and the Minister, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Italy, Nazeni Gharibyan, Elizabeth Tajiryan, the Matenadaran’s Department of International Relations, Department of Archive, Department of Digitization, the employees of the Department of Restoration Artur Petrosyan and Aram Marikyan.
  After the ceremony, the participants were invited to the exhibition hall for viewing of the donated expositions.