The Serbian publishing house PESIC I SINOVI has recently published a translation of Movsēs Khorenats‘i’s “History of Armenia,” which has aroused great interest among Serbian readers.
On June 12, Vesna Pesic, the director of the publishing house, linguist and publicist, visited Matenadaran and talked to the director Vahan Ter-Ghevondian. Vesna Pesic donated a copy of Khorenats‘i’s “History of Armenia” to the Matenadaran library, expressing hope that her cooperation with Armenian colleagues would be continuous.
Mrs Pesic also mentioned that she plans to summarize her impressions of Armenia and publish them in a separate book. Babken Simonyan, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Armenia, writer, translator, and expert in Serbian, and Aida Charkhchyan, the head of Matenadaran’s exhibition halls, took part in the meeting. During the conversation with the director of Matenadaran, Babken Simonyan and Vesna Pesic spoke about the forthcoming publishing programs and the prospects for the development of the Armenian-Serbian cultural ties.