As part of the official visit of the Matenadaran delegation to Lebanon, they received valuable contributions to their collection. Reverend Nshan and Maria Baggalians, pastors of the Armenian Evangelical Church, donated two valuable manuscripts and an old printed book to Matenadaran.

The donors have been invited to visit Armenia in August of this year to take part in the ceremony of handing over the manuscripts.

In addition, the prominent art critic Silvia Achemian handed over archival documents of the well-known Armenologist and art critic Sirarpi Ter-Nersesian to Matenadaran.

It is worth noting that Matenadaran already houses Sirarpi Ter-Nersesian’s archive fund and personal library.

The entire staff of Matenadaran expresses their deep gratitude to the donors for their contribution to the preservation of national heritage.