The digest “Essays and Studies” of Matenadaran’s research fellow Arusyak Tamrazyan was published. The digest includes the study “The reconsideration of the man’s structural theory in the Armenian medieval commentary tradition” and also essays.
The author tried to restore wholly the medieval theory of the man’s structure by including design concepts, symbols and various parallels in its context. In this context are also observed the surrounding areas as allegory of music, the theories of cosmic speech; verbal word in man; man-sacred harp and prayer, and wandering pictures of voice (“from voice” commentaries, Hovhan Voskeberan’s speeches, etc.), cosmic writings (Gregory the Illuminator, Voskeberan), etc.
The original environment (the whole image of sources’ turnover, extracts and rewritings) is especially examined which discusses this theory. According to this the translated sources (Philo of Alexandria, Nemesius of Emesa, Grigor Nyusatsi, etc.) are restored with their future reflections in Armenian bibliography from Yeghishe to Arakel Syunetsi. From this point of view at the first time are thoroughly analysed the skilfully woven speeches commentaries from original extracts of Hovhannes Erznkatsi (Blouz).
Detailed are presented the commentaries of psalms (especially of Nerses Lambronatsi, Vardan Areveltsi, Grigor Tatevatsi), and also the “causes” of psalms which are common in Armenian commentary environment. In these sources is observed the insertion of man’s structural theory in the field of internal concept images (the events described in psalms are interpreted as “internal” facts), and also the advice of components connected with psalms (the voice of man, accompanying music, dance, musical instruments are perceived as a whole of psychophysical functions, and also is materialized the universal verbal liturgy by layers attachments of “nature” placed in a man).