On July 18, 2017, in the “Virtual Hall” of Matenadaran, the donation ceremony of a 15th century Gospel took place. The manuscript that, due to, as believed, its healing properties, was known as “Miraculous” («Հրաշափառ») Gospel, was donated by Mr. Hrayr Dadayan and Ms. Hripsime Dadayan-Barnakian. The valuable Gospel has been kept in the village of Godarich in Charsanjak district of Western Armenia, at Surb Gevorg church. The manuscript was commissioned by Khoja Alexan who dedicated it to his brother Gabriel. The silver cover was added in a later time (1753).
The manuscript was handed over to the Dadayan Family in Yerevan in the spring of 1918, by an Armenian who, due to his illness, gave it to Yeghsa, the grandmother of the Dadayan family, for protection.
Since then, the manuscript had a long journey: first, it was transferred to France and, afterwards, to the United States. The Gospel was inherited by Yeghsa’a grandchildren Hrayr and Hripsime who jointly decided to donate the precious manuscript to Matenadaran.
In appreciation of the donation, the Acting Director of Matenadaran Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan awarded Hripsime Dadayan-Barnakian and Hrayr Dadayan with the Matenadaran Commemorative Medal.